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One-Click Statistics Canada Reporting with Cloudpermit

May 28, 2021

Reporting is an essential, yet oftentimes tedious, part of a local government building department’s responsibilities.  

Cloudpermit has recently added a new monthly report for reporting construction to Statistics Canada to make reporting even easier. Reports can be generated as a PDF and automatically include data according to the Statistics Canada reporting principles and required format.  

“We’re thrilled to give our customers the ability to easily generate Statistics Canada reports,” shared Mark Stiles, Cloudpermit’s Director of Customer Success, North America. “Every time we can help our customers cut down on more time in their day is a big win.” 

Cloudpermit’s large Canadian customer base is looking forward to one of the latest updates to the cloud-based software. 

“It’s a great feeling to give our growing Canadian Cloudpermit community a simple experience to send reports to Statistics Canada,” explained Jarkko Turtiainen, Cloudpermit’s Senior Vice President, North America. “We are always listening to what our customers want next in our regular software updates and our team never grows tired of delivering software features that meets our customers’ needs – it's what we do.” 

To learn more about other Cloudpermit reporting features, check out our Reporting page, or go to to get in touch with one of our team members.