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Hate Archiving Permits and the Documents Associated with Them? Get Your Permits Online.

August 5, 2021

Archiving applications and permits, and the files associated with them, are a necessity as a local government building department — but what does it mean when you have a paper-based or on-premises systems, or use fillable PDFs for your citizens to submit their permit application? It means a lot of work.  

What if archiving permits did not have to be tedious and time-consuming, and could be easy and automatic instead?  

Let’s talk about e-permitting, also known as online permitting.  

• E-permitting moves all building permit processes online – not just submitting a permit application with a fillable pdf or having staff manually input inspection information onto their computer in the office after taking notes on-site.  

• Staff can accept, review, and issue permits online, and since all permit information is already online, it is simple and automatic to archive.  

• Plus, with online and automatic archives, you do not need to worry about physical vulnerabilities (forgeries, theft, misplacing a file, natural disasters like fires or floods, etc.) threatening your paper or on-premises files. Your archives stay secure online.  

Imagine a world without needing a filing cabinet and let us know what you think.