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Fact from Fiction: Top 5 Online Community Development Software Myths

March 2, 2023

There are several common misconceptions about online community development software that governments have. Let’s debunk some of these myths and shed light on the truth.

1. "Software will get rid of our jobs."

False. Online software helps building departments do their jobs better and more efficiently but does not replace their jobs – it simply makes their jobs easier. It creates opportunities for staff to focus more on creating revenue, serving their citizens better, and finding efficiencies for greater community growth.

2. "It's difficult to use online software."

False. Most software companies provide user-friendly and intuitive interfaces that are easy for users to navigate. There are support teams for additional support, step-by-step guides on how to use the system, and training during onboarding for optimal use. Technology has come a long way over the past few years and that’s reflected in how software is set up today.

3. "We won’t have relationships with our citizens if we move online."

False. Staff can not only maintain but strengthen relationships with their citizens by using online software. Citizens benefit when they can submit applications and complaints online, rather than needing to go into the government office. They save money and time spent on travel and have a clearer understanding of what is needed from them. Staff can support their applicants with end-to-end systems that allow them to deliver better customer service.

4. "Our information will not be secure."

False. Cloud-based software ensures that information is protected and secure. Companies keep data safe with encryption, passwords, and regular security updates and tests. It is also a benefit to store information online to protect information from physical threats such as natural disasters, forgery, and misplaced files.

5. "We are too small to benefit from using software – our system already works fine."

False. Any-sized government can benefit from using online software for community development, and there is always room for improvement on current systems. Building permitting, business licensing, planning & zoning, and code enforcement departments win when they improve the systems they use.

Let’s talk about other common myths you’ve heard about online community development software and debunk them together. Reach out for a demo to learn more about our software, Cloudpermit, and what it can do for you.