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Everything You Want to Know About the Cloud

July 19, 2022

The cloud is a safe and secure place to store data - online data is protected.

Cloud-based software is secure, reliable, and easy to use. Many local governments have moved away from using paper or software on their in-office computers. Instead, they have adopted cloud-based software for faster and more productive processes for building permitting, planning & zoning, and code enforcement.

Though there are some departments that are wary about moving to the cloud and have questions they want answered first. So, let’s go through them.

What is the cloud?

The ‘cloud’ is software and services that run on the Internet, instead of on your own computer. You use the cloud all the time – you might even use the cloud every day (Netflix, Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, online banking, etc., are all on the cloud).

The way of the future is bright online – it's in the cloud.

I already have software installed on my computer, what’s the difference?

Systems installed on your computer require manual updates and installations. You can only use the software wherever it is specifically installed, which usually means you can only do work from your local government office.

Cloud-based systems require no manual updates or installations – all updates and installations are automatic, so you always use the most up-to-date features. You can also use the software on any mobile device with any web browser, so you can work from anywhere and at any time.

Does my IT department need to offer a lot of support to work in the cloud?

No. Your IT department does not need to be involved. Unlike traditional software installed on your computer that requires manual updates and installations, cloud-based software automatically updates on its own.

Is the cloud safe?

Yes. Cloud-based software keeps data protected from threats with the help of security solutions, like the ones in the Google Cloud Platform.

Do I need to worry about hackers?

No. Cloud-based software is safe and keeps your data secure with password protection, verification, and regular security testing.

Can I access cloud-based software anywhere?

Yes. You can use cloud-based software on any mobile device from any web browser – anywhere, anytime.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a software-as-a-service. You pay for a subscription to use the service so you can log in and use the software wherever and whenever you need it (like Netflix).


Cloudpermit in the Cloud

How does Cloudpermit keep my data safe?

Cloudpermit has regular penetration and security testing done by an independent third party to ensure we are always aware of the status of our security. We keep your data protected against all known threats, manage it, and store it within American borders.

Department administrators can determine role-based permissions and access restrictions for staff and other government stakeholders. All parties on the public side are granted access to each permit with a safe invitation-and-acceptance procedure.

Our software automatically converts files that have been uploaded into PDFs, so users do not access the original upload. This prevents users from accessing harmful or malicious material.

Is it affordable to use Cloudpermit?

Yes. Cloudpermit offers SaaS solutions with an unlimited user license so all your users can use the software at no additional cost. We offer cost-effective solutions that work for local governments of all sizes.

Is it easy to use Cloudpermit?

Yes. Cloudpermit is very user-friendly and easy to use. We offer online support through a variety of videos, articles, and tickets, so you can always find the answer to any question you may have.

Can my citizens use Cloudpermit too?

Yes. Cloudpermit provides end-to-end software solutions, so your staff uses the same software as the rest of your users (your citizens, builders, contractors, etc.). Citizens can submit building permit applications, planning applications, and complaints online. They simply log in to their account and can do everything they need to do on any mobile device.

Cloudpermit is the leading, cloud-based software for local governments. We provide building permitting, planning & zoning, and code enforcement software solutions so you can develop your community online. Learn more about our software in a demo – we look forward to connecting with you.