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Efficient Code Enforcement Boils Down to 3 Things

December 13, 2022

On November 15, 2022, we hosted a webinar Efficient Code Enforcement Boils Down to 3 Things, to highlight what code enforcement departments should strive to achieve (and how they can get there) for improved efficiency in their department. Cloudpermit’s Sales Director, South, Matt Canney, and Product Trainer, Leslie Wright, hosted the webinar to share their insights and give attendees a software demo.

HubSpot Video

Matt Canney, Cloudpermit’s Sales Director, South, shares that streamlined complaint submission and tracking, mobile field inspection capability, and easy document generation and violation tracking are the foundation of efficient code enforcement.

Streamlined Complaint Submission and Tracking

Allow citizens to submit complaints online directly into the system through city websites. Complaints and cases can easily be tracked and mapped.

Code enforcement becomes more efficient when citizens can submit their complaint online, and officers can track them online as well.

Online complaint submission reduces data entry for staff and increases accessibility for the public. Staff can search, sort, and query through complaints and cases for faster access to relevant information.

They can also track violations, complaints, and property data with ease when code enforcement is online, rather than needing to check paper files or emails.



Mobile Field Inspection Capability

Conduct on-site mobile inspections, take pictures, create warning/violation letters, and update the system in real time from the field

When code enforcement is online, code enforcement officers can do mobile inspections in the field for improved efficiency. Traditionally, officers need to do inspections in the field and then reinput the same information back at the office.

Online software allows officers to only need to do the work once. This cuts down on hours on officers’ time since they do not need to travel back and forth to the office or spend time repeating the same work.

Mobile field inspection capability also allows officers to automatically generate key documents (warning/violation letters) to reduce redundant clerical work.

Not only can officers reduce clerical work, but they can increase accountability and protect their department by adding photos to a file.



Easy Document Generation and Violation Tracking

Automatically generate, communicate, and store official documents like warning letters, violation letters, and citations.

Efficiency and code enforcement go together when online software is used. Instead of needing to track down information over the phone, email, or across paper files, code enforcement officers can access all information in one digital space.

When code enforcement departments can easily generate documents and track violations, staff save valuable hours spent on clerical work that can be used on other tasks.

Staff can also achieve efficiency by integrating property ownership data with case files. This streamlines communication and document management.



Learn more about how Cloudpermit can help improve the efficiency of your code enforcement department by booking a call with us. We’re happy to give you a software demo to show you how Cloudpermit can make a positive difference in your day.