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Build Safer Communities with Data-Driven Decision Making

March 29, 2023

Part of any local government's responsibilities includes keeping their communities safe. When government staff use data to make their decisions, they are better able to track information, improve public safety, mitigate risk, and predict future economic growth.

Online community development software can give local governments the tools they need to organize and archive data, prioritize resources based on needs, and make evidence-based decisions.

Monitor Building and Code Inspection Information Carefully

Building and code enforcement departments play an essential role in keeping communities safe by performing necessary inspections. By monitoring inspections, analyzing inspection information, and creating reports online, staff can make important decisions surrounding their building inspections. They can prioritize high-risk areas that receive frequent complaints from residents and require regular inspections. Data-driven decisions can help inspectors allocate their resources more efficiently to build safer communities.

Analyze Economic Development

When information is stored online, rather than in filing cabinets or an on-premises system, it is easier to find and track patterns. This results in staff having better insight into past, current, and future trends in a community. Online data helps governments make informed decisions about economic trends and ensure communities build in a safe and sustainable way.

Determine High-Risk Areas for Safety Hazards

Code enforcement departments can help determine if there are any code violation trends that need to be addressed. Local governments can use data insights to identify areas that are at high-risk for safety hazards and future violations. Staff can use this information to prioritize their resources to ensure public safety.

Establish Emergency Response Plans

Local governments can use online, secure, and organized data to establish emergency response plans. Staff can establish high-risk areas that may have poor infrastructure or are close to large bodies of water. They can create plans tailored to specific needs and parts of their community in the event of an emergency. Online data also allows governments to share services with other governments and departments to help during, and after, a natural disaster. Since users do not need to be present in the physical area to access relevant and accurate data, a government’s support system can grow.

Online community development software helps local governments make data-driven decisions that benefit their communities. Let’s set up a call to talk more about your data and how you can use it to build safer communities.