Cloudpermit – a Finnish innovation with a global mission

We make your work easy

At Cloudpermit we do one thing exceptionally well: we make the e-permitting process easy for municipal building departments. We give building departments of all sizes the tools that have traditionally only been accessible for larger cities. Our cloud technology enables you to modernize and digitalize your building application process throughout the entire permit lifecycle – from applications to archiving. It also enables everyone to access information and work on applications remotely and outside office hours.

Here’s why municipal building departments work with us

To save time and money

Municipal building departments save up to 50% of time on permit processes using Cloudpermit instead of paper-based systems.  

With Cloudpermit, building departments can say goodbye to:

  • Submitting information onto application systems by the officials
  • A flood of e-mails, as e-mails are replaced by an orderly workflow
  • Unnecessary telephone inquiries as all up to date information can be found within the service
  • Scanning, copying, transferring and archiving paper forms and drawings
  • Restrictions caused by office space and office hours as both the officials and applicants make use of a cloud based service  

Cloudpermit is developed for and with municipal building departments

Cloudpermit is an end-to-end e-permitting solution that allows building departments and their customers to complete the entire permit lifecycle in one workspace. We believe that e-permitting should benefit all stakeholders which is why Cloudpermit comes with everything you need to digitalize your building department.

As a cloud solution, users can access their projects when it is convenient for them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from any location. Municipalities never have to run IT projects to upgrade the system because all new product features are automatically updated in Cloudpermit.

Implementation is fast and easy

Municipal building departments can start using the system within weeks – from signing the contract to reviewing the first application. Implementing Cloudpermit to your building department is not a costly and time-consuming IT project as it can be with other service providers.


Our mission

Our mission is providing world's leading cloud technology to municipal building departments so they can modernize and digitalize the building application process and optimize the customer experience as well as deliver exceptional customer service.

We are passionate about making life easier for building departments, cutting red tape for planners and builders and helping council members spend city resources wisely.

Our story

Cloudpermit is an international e-permitting company with roots in Finland. It was started in 2011 and launched in March of 2013  under the company name Evolta and the product name Evolve (Lupapiste in Finland) as a project with The Finnish Ministry of the Environment and a group of municipalities. Our goal was to create a new web service to make building permit processes faster and easier. In 2020, the company and software name were changed to Cloudpermit.

We wanted to meet the diverse needs of citizens, municipal authorities, architects and other construction business experts. We have succeeded as today more than 250 municipalities in North America and Europe - in Finland up to 70% of municipalities - use Cloudpermit as their e-permitting software.

Interested to hear how the world’s leading
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