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Why Cloudpermit?

“Cloudpermit cuts the fluff and focuses on what building departments need while being cost-effective and user-friendly.

- Thomas Hager, Building Official for Town of Pulaski, Virginia

“Training has been amazing. Our Customer Success Manager gives me the support I need, takes the time to answer my questions, and has been a great part of selecting Cloudpermit. Every part of my Cloudpermit journey has been easy and everything that I was promised in the sales process has been delivered.”

- Julie Wicker, Clerk for the Town of Wilson, Wisconsin

“We always communicate to our citizens that we understand the importance of their building permit, and by making our building permit process easy with Cloudpermit, we can show them how important their building permit is to us."

- Kieran McMullen, Building Inspector/Code Enforcement for the City of Darien, Georgia