Esri Finland and Cloudpermit have partnered in Finland by integrating their digital solutions designed to manage land use and building life cycle processes. The service entity for the built environment, Lupapiste, and dmCity, a service aimed to digitalize the land use life cycle, are bringing together all applicants, officials and stakeholders management. This comprehensive service is ready for implementation and it allows municipalities to act according to the reform of the Land Use and Building Act, scaled for individual municipality needs – current users include the city of Vantaa, Finland.

“The processes, policy-making and information management regarding land use and building require functional digital solutions. The solutions ensure that operations run smoothly today, as well as in the coming years. We have unique know-how on the world’s leading and evolving location-based information platform. Since the life cycle of land use and its processes are tied to specific locations, it makes sense for us to be developing new digital services to meet these needs,” CEO of Esri Finland, Laura Valojärvi, explained.

“Our passion is to create the required circumstances for digital building permitting. In Finland, permits for the built environment can be applied via our digital Lupapiste service in over 60% of all municipalities. When we came across the dmCity platform, we realized that by working together we have an opportunity to offer a solution that manages the entire life cycle of customers’ building projects,” CEO of Cloudpermit, Jan Pawli, said.

“I am very glad that we can partner with Cloudpermit since they have plenty of experience in digital permitting services and filing. By combining our existing services to municipal customers, we help them shift to a modern service model without a hefty and expensive development project,” Laura Valojärvi assured.

“dmCity, Lupapiste and open interface solutions utilizing modern technology ensure service users can enjoy a fast and problem-free process. From the city model, users can see an overall picture of the built environment and all of the plans and projects related to it. The information is easily accessible and updated in real-time,” Jan Pawli stated.

“Our common goal is to serve as many Finnish municipalities as possible by offering a modern service entity that can be easily and quickly implemented for a municipality of any size and fit individual requirements. This next-generation solution supports land use processes, takes into consideration information flow, and enables the direction of design and building with the help of situational pictures and scenarios. Our partnership creates an opportunity for municipalities to easily digitalize services, improve customer experience, and include residents in planning and decision making in their region. With our help, municipalities can save on costs and enjoy the concrete benefits of digitalization,” Valojärvi and Pawli summarized.

More information

Esri Finland: Sales Director, Antti Myllynen, tel. +358 40 0852100,

Cloudpermit, Lupapiste: Country Manager Finland, Kari Syrjärinne, tel. +358 40 5558684,

Esri Finland

Esri Finland Oy is an expert of location-based information and the Finnish representative of the world’s leading location information platform ArcGIS. Esri’s solutions and services help the customer understand the factors and possibilities of their processes and improve decision making. ArcGIS combines information from several systems into an easy-to-use format and offers the possibility to analyze and visualize information for the use of municipal leaders and residents. The information offered by ArcGIS can be used for information-based leadership, Smart City projects, service network design and creating more efficient processes, as well as strategic decision making. dmCity is the only information model-based process-controlled land use service entity that utilizes ArcGIS technology on abroad scale.

Companies and public administration around the globe rely on Esri’s products to create valuable information to support their operations. In the Finnish public administration, Esri is trusted by The Finnish Defence Forces, National Land Survey, Fingrid, Metsähallitus and over 100 municipalities such as Vantaa, Pori, Mikkeli, Kerava, Järvenpää and Mäntsälä.

In Finland, Esri employs approximately 60 professionals with a common objective to help customers succeed and build a sustainable future with the help of location-based information. Our certified experts have unique understanding ofArcGIS technology and experience in utilizing location-based information in a variety of fields.

Cloudpermit & Lupapiste

Cloudpermit is the world’s leading expert in digital permitting and filing with roots in Finland. Cloudpermit’s Lupapiste service is a one-stop digital service solution for the management of permitting for the built environment. Lupapiste was developed together with the Ministry of theEnvironment and Finnish municipalities in the early 2010’s. Globally, the service is called Cloudpermit.

Lupapiste is a tool for municipal building inspection, citizens, architects and other experts and operators of the building sector. The service is always available to all users and makes the permitting process efficient, saving considerably on time and resources, as well as making the life cycle process more transparent. The service can be implemented in any Finnish municipality. Lupapiste includes services and information management for building inspections and public areas, services for environmental authorities, Lupapiste online shop and services for businesses.

Cloudpermit employs approximately 30 professionals who share the passion to develop next generation permitting products and help customers digitalize and streamline their permitting processes. Less paperwork means more time to build great things. Over 250 municipalities in North America and Europe use Cloudpermit. In Finland, up to 64% of municipalities use Lupapiste as their permitting service and it reaches over 70% of the Finnish population. Cloudpermit’s objective is to maintain its position as the market leader in Finland, and expand considerably in North America and Europe.