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The Village of North Randall, Ohio, Maintains Business-Friendly Focus with Cloudpermit Partnership

Why Local Governments Should Adopt True E-Permitting Software

Pocono Township, Pennsylvania, Partners with Cloudpermit to Better Serve Residents

Adopt an E-Permitting Software with a User-Friendly Interface for Continued Success

Boone County, Illinois launches leading e-permitting software, Cloudpermit

Building departments should digitalize now

Middlesex Centre Realizes Substantial Growth with Configurable Software, Cloudpermit

Speedway, Indiana partners with Cloudpermit for a contactless and easy permit experience

The City of Terrace plans to support surrounding B.C. communities with Cloudpermit

Boone County, Illinois sets example for safer practices with Cloudpermit

The Town of Huntsville Invited the Building Community to Their E-Permitting Decision-Making and Implementation Process

Red River Planning District drives digitalization in Manitoba with Cloudpermit

E-Permitting Can Help Ontario Manage During the Provincial Lockdown

Township of Southwold eliminates back-and-forth communication and office trips with e-permitting

How Grey Highlands is Thriving with E-Permitting

Puslinch Perspective: How Cloudpermit Changes E-Permitting

St. Marys and Cloudpermit Maintain and Deliver a High Standard of Customer Service

Huron-Kinloss Uses Cloudpermit to Keep Up with Non-Stop Stream of Building Permits During COVID-19

West Perth Implements E-Permitting During COVID-19 as Positive Cloudpermit Experiences Continue to be Shared

Onsite inspections made simpler with mobile e-permitting in West Grey

The Canadian Cloudpermit Community Shares Key Benefits of Using Cloudpermit

Cloudpermit is a Big Help for a Small Team in Township of Wainfleet

North Middlesex Launches E-Permitting Fast Thanks to Great Partnerships

Ontario building departments rapidly adapt to remote work

Township of North Kawartha Building Department Goes Digital During COVID in Record Time

The Municipality of West Grey Building Department Adapts Quickly to Working Remotely During COVID-19

Building Permit After a Devastating Barn Fire Issued in Record Time Thanks to Cloudpermit

Middlesex and Lucan Biddulph Adopt New E-Permitting Software


Product Updates: Manual Input, Additional Payment Integrations, and More

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Builders Want to Build, Not Do Permit Paperwork

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Canada’s Small Municipalities Are Running Toward E-Permitting, Not Walking

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Product Updates: One-Click Statistics Canada Reporting, Edit Attachment Types, and More

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One-Click Statistics Canada Reporting with Cloudpermit

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What Can E-Permitting Do That Fillable PDFs Can’t? A Lot.

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A Look Into Data Security – Why You Should Go Digital for Building Permits  

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Ontario’s Stay-at-Home Order – Impacts on the Building Industry

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US COVID-19 Federal Relief Funding That Supports E-Permitting is Extended Until End of 2021

The US Federal Government is offering support to governments who want to switch to e-permitting to adopt safer and more efficient ways of working during the ongoing pandemic.

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Reduce Risk and Improve Safety with E-Permitting in 2021

Safety has always been a top priority in the building industry and that is clear looking at building codes, inspections, and permit processes in place to protect builders and communities from potential risk. E-permitting is a safe and secure data storage and communication solution that helps reduce risk with safer, more effective building permit processes.

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What is the Biggest Barrier That Holds Municipalities Back from Switching to E-Permitting?

Read frequent questions municipal building departments have about e-permitting. More municipalities across North America are switching from paper-based and legacy systems to e-permitting for their building permit processes, but there are still many municipalities who are hesitant or scared to make the switch.

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On-The-Go Inspection Tool Speeds Up and Increases Reliability of the Inspection Process

The Cloudpermit e-permitting software includes a mobile inspection tool that facilitates the work of everyone involved in the building inspection process. The tool is developed to meet the requirements of municipalities and building inspectors.

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