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Software Updates: Forms Editing, Fees and Payments in Pre-Consultation, New Integrations Available, and More

January 31, 2022

We update our software every three weeks, so our customers always work on the best version of our solutions.  

Learn more about our latest software updates below and be sure to check out our Vimeo page for helpful how-to videos.  

Our door is always open to innovative ideas and improvements so if you have any ideas on how to make Cloudpermit even better, feel free to reach out to us.

Allow Fees and Payments in Pre-Consultation Phase

Municipal administrative users can now configure fees and online payments for the pre-consultation phase. The fees can be tied into the submission of a pre-consultation request or receiving the result of the pre-consultation. With our solution, local governments can fully automate the collection of pre-consultation fees.  

More Flexibility and Configurability with Online Forms Editor  

Cloudpermit contains a set of pre-defined forms for each state or province specifically and the municipalities can select their own forms from that list. Now we have introduced forms editor, which enables the creation of new forms with rich content and editing of the existing ones. This allows Cloudpermit to respond to different requirements and municipal changes with a simple and quick configuration instead of customization by our technical team.  

We are currently taking the tool into use. In the first stage, it is used by our customer success managers and implementation specialists. Later in the year, we will introduce the tool to all municipal administrators to manage their own forms.

New Integrations with Online Payment and GIS software

We have introduced a new configurable online payment system integration to Illinois ePay. It means that the municipalities who have chosen ePay as their online payments option, can easily configure Cloudpermit for their ePay account and start accepting online payments. We are currently working on having a configurable integration with several other online payment systems.

We have also completed an integration with the CGIS system for property data searches. Municipalities that have CGIS as their local GIS system can now start using Cloudpermit as their community development tool. It does not currently support all the same features as ESRI integration, but the first implementations have already been made and gone live!

New Options in Configuration

Cloudpermit has added more options in the application configuration for our customers in the U.S. and in Canada.

As we are expanding to more American states, we have added new work targets to be available in the configuration of our customers such as residential above 3 stories, patio home, manufactured home, concrete slab, and street graphics.  

New work types and targets options, such as footings and foundations in residential buildings, occupancy in commercial buildings, and single-family dwelling with secondary suites for residential buildings, have been added available for our Canadian customers.  

We are also working on having additional configurability for the municipal administrator users for different kinds of categories, work types, and work targets in the near future.