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Software Updates: Default Selections for Circulation, Downloadable Invoice PDFs, Optional Information for New Applications, and More

April 11, 2022

Our team is constantly working on making our software even better to your benefit.

Check out some of our latest software updates below and get in touch with us if you have any ideas on how to make it even better.

Default Selections for Circulation

Municipal administrative users can now select default circulations for each application type. The software can be configured to include specific default selections and when a new request for circulation is added, those selections will be available.  

This improvement will make it easier to send circulation requests to the same group of stakeholders on a regular basis.  

Invoice PDFs as Downloads and Email Attachments

An invoice PDF that outlines individual fee items and relevant details can now be created when a new bill is published. The PDF is automatically generated, added to the Cloudpermit Workspace, and can be downloaded by the Applicant or Payer – it is also automatically sent as an email attachment to the Payer to make the process even easier.  

Authority users must select who will be paying the bill once this feature is enabled if it is not already automatically selected.  

Submit Applications Without a Civic Address

Outside of Ontario, a property’s civic address no longer needs to be specified before an application is submitted (this does not change anything in most cases as Cloudpermit automatically retrieves this information if it’s available in the GIS system). If there is no civic address available and an application is submitted without this information, municipal users can fill in the address during the review period.  

This improvement was made to enable the submission of permits for sites that do not have a civic address or are in the process of getting one.