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Software Updates: Automatic Inspection Reports, Assign Accurate Submission Dates to Paper Applications Online, and More

August 31, 2021

Latest Product Updates

Our software evolves as our customers do. We release new features every three weeks to ensure Cloudpermit is working better for our users and are proud to help local governments have digital processes.  

Learn more about our latest product updates below and check out our Vimeo page to explore some how-to videos.  

We love innovation so if you have any thoughts on how to make our leading software even better, let us know.  

Automatic Inspection Reports

After an inspection is completed, the inspection report is automatically sent as an email attachment to the applicant(s), property owner(s), and the user who requested the inspection.

Municipal administrative users can create and manage different inspection report templates, and as always, we provide a good standard template that municipal administrative users can use to start. If there are multiple templates, the inspector can select which template is best for each inspection.  

All Unread Messages Can be Marked as Read at Once

Users can now easily mark all unread messages as read with two clicks. This is helpful for municipal users who may have many unread messages when returning from vacation, or for a new municipal user who may have many unread messages upon starting their new role.  

Assign Accurate Submission Dates for Paper or Email Applications in Cloudpermit

When a municipal user receives an application outside of Cloudpermit, as a paper application or via email, and inputs them into Cloudpermit on behalf of the applicant, they can now assign an accurate date for the submission.

Previously, when municipal users input an application into Cloudpermit, the date would reflect when it was online, not when it was originally submitted.  

Now that the applications have correct submission dates, the processing time reporting will provide more exact information. We are also building a new processing time calculator to show the remaining statutory processing times, so it is important to have the dates right.