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4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Building Official Should Make

January 4, 2023

Every January, millions of Americans take the time to reflect on the past year. They wonder what they could have done differently or what they liked most, and then come up with new year resolutions to make the next year better.

This year, 2023, is off to a promising start. More states are encouraging digital solutions for building departments, and more building officials are asking themselves how they can improve their community development.

So, here are the 4 new year’s resolutions that every building official should make:

  1. Prioritize customer service
  2. Cut down on redundant tasks
  3. Be consistent with the building permitting process
  4. Try something new

Prioritize Customer Service

Citizens can benefit from online software because they can apply for building permits from home. This eliminates unnecessary traveling or driving to the office and saves money on printing and paper costs.

They receive notifications when the status of their building permit or inspection changes, so they do not need to call or email the government office anymore to find out.

Online software allows building officials to provide excellent customer service to their community with remote and user-friendly processes.

Cut Down on Redundant Tasks

Online software allows building officials to cut down on redundant tasks. They do not need to do the same work twice since they can work in the field.

With any mobile device, they can input notes and do their work without needing to head back to the office.

Be Consistent with the Building Permitting Process

Cloudpermit forces applicants to fill out all mandatory fields before they can submit their building permit application. By standardizing the building permit application process, building officials benefit from a simplified building permitting process.

They can keep track of their incoming and issued building permits online since all information is stored in one place.

Try Something New

It’s important to give new things a shot to find new efficiencies. Building officials can benefit from trying new software for better and user-friendly community development.

Book a demo with one of our Cloudpermit experts today to learn how our software can revolutionize your building department.